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I am devoted to helping children who have been victims of abuse, diagnosed with an illness and/or disability, or who have suffered loss due to death or divorce. Often children internalize these circumstances and behavioral issues arise. It is important to address these issues immediately so the child can begin the healing process.  Furthermore, I believe children often get left behind in the families’ grief so it’s in the best interest of the child and family  that they receive the support that is needed.


With teenagers, I help them to identify and change self-destructive behaviors such as: eating issues, self-injury, non-compliance, poor academic performance, substance abuse, and overall negative attitude. It is important when working with adolescents to not only gain their trust, but also that of the parents so that the entire family will be a part of the therapeutic process. To fully support a teenager, a parent must also be engaged and guided through this clinical process.

College Students

Much of my therapy with college students is helping them with life transitions and changes in their lives. I work with them on how to best adapt to these often difficult challenges.   I help college students with relationship issues, academic performance, anxiety issues, future career goals, and better coping skills so that they will be prepared to achieve great success in life.


Many of the adults that I see in my practice are struggling with depression and/or anxiety due to  a loss or  life changes, often caused by divorce, separation, death, unemployment, and child custody issues. Through our therapeutic relationship, clients gain a deeper understanding of themselves so that they can live happier and more productive lives.